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HyperHip Media Inc. is a multimedia publisher of instructional books and DVDs. Our goal is to provide in-depth instruction utilizing the best authors, producers and artists available. We pride ourselves in the eclectic and esoteric nature of our subject matter. It gives us great pleasure to provide material which is decidedly non-mainstream while still providing value-intensive material for the student.

Our philosophy is to make learning immediate, direct and fun! Even non-students will appreciate the performance ability of our instructors. While many of our titles provide years of learning material, students are encouraged to proceed at their own personal speed. Often, our instruction is sequential in nature, allowing the student to build upon their knowledge as they progress through the titles.

We strive to provide clearly demonstrated, usable lessons for the student. As musicians ourselves, we have purchased many other instructional titles, both printed material and DVDs, which may seem relevant at first, but often prove to be somewhat isolated in terms of their approach. Our desire is to give the student material which is adaptable to many other styles and musical situations.

While we hold no bias against musical theory or printed tab or standard notation, we believe that many companies approach music instruction in a manner which forces the student to learn by rote. This is a little like eating fast food. While it can seem immediately satisfying, we question the long-term nutritional value of this approach. Our titles engage and immerse the student in the learning experience. While this approach may require the student to work a little harder initially, the long-term benefits are that the student trains their eyes and ears so they can place themselves in challenging musical situations, adapting quickly and learning on the spot.

We welcome any feedback you may have as well as suggestions for future titles or projects.

Wayne Nakamura


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